Featured Increase Your Sales with Trade Show Displays

If you are a business owner, especially if you are in the start up phase, you must have an effective strategy on how to gain many new customers. camelback2The competition in the market may be so tight as new and existing products are all around and it can be very challenging and scary for starters like you. That is the purpose of launching trade show exhibits that delivers a powerful marketing impact whether you are introducing a new product or re-branding your company. With the help of trade show displays, a trade show exhibit space becomes functional, eye catching and is able to deliver your marketing message.

camelbackFor a successful trade show to be possible, exhibit booths should be exceptionally pleasing to the eyes to draw the attention of the attendees passing through and should also be designed for portability and utility. Trade shows are proven effective to make a difference in the number of your sales and can build relationships with new and existing customers. With the help of trade show displays, you can make your trade show stand out from the crowd. With some research, you are sure to find the approriate tools you can use and examine your show expenditures. You can choose from colorful, life size displays and finish off your exhibit booth with extras like banners, truss, trade show furniture and logo floor mats. Logo mats are cost effective marketing and sales product. It can be printed with a logo or marketing message while some use logo floor mats to give directions and information to people standing in lines.

Featured Exchanging Business Cards

Did you know that there is a proper etiquette when giving away or accepting business cards? The basic rule when presenting or receiving business cards is to do it with both hands. When you receive someone’s business card, take time to look over it and if possible, make some comments or ask for more information. Proper etiquette is called for as this will determine if your new acquaintance would decide whether or not to do business with you. There are some guidelines to help you in exchanging business cards in other countries so you’ll know what you should and shouldn’t do:

UK and North America

There is very little ceremony when it comes to exchanging business cards in these parts of the world. Exchanging business cards here is an informal occasion. You can stow any card proffered to you upon receiving it.


Gold colored lettering is considered auspicious in this country, so natives prefer business cards printed in gold ink. Also have one side of your business card translated into Chinese, and try to find out the local dialect of the people you’ll be meeting with e.g. Cantonese or Mandarin. To impress your new acquaintance, include your name and title and if your company is the largest or oldest, add it to the information. Always give your card first before asking someone else’s.



Exchanging business cards in Japan is quite ceremonial. Business cards in this country are big, so invest in quality cards. Treat both the giving and receiving of business cards with the same degree of respect as you would show the person him or herself. Include your name and title as status is important for the Japanese. Present your card with great ceremony, holding it so the recipient can read it before bowing and saying your name.



Most people in India speak English so there is no need to translate your business card. Aside from putting in your name and title, include any university degree or honors you received as they place a great emphasis on academic achievement. Also use your right hand in proffering and receiving a business card.

Middle East

The rule of the thumb here is to present your business card with your right hand, never with your left.

Featured Economic Tutors

The Chinese offer an interesting study when we talk about business. For one thing, China as a nation has made a name in the realm of arts and cultures- surpassing in this respect many other nations of the world. For another, the Chinese are one of the most numerous alien residents in the world. They are practically everywhere. The Chinese, over the centuries, have ascended in the realm of business and finance. Indeed, the Chinese acquired an important position in the trade and commerce of some countries and have become pillars of economic structure. These lead us to ask why. The following views, from the book The Chinese in Manila, have been given as possible reasons:

1. The Chinese retailers work harder and stay on their n their jobs longer

china man


2. The Chinese retailers observe only the New Year’s Day and one holiday a year (The Double Tenth)

3. The Chinese retailers are more patient, more enduring, more self-sacrificing.

4. The Chinese retailers are more adopt in pleasing customers.

5. The Chinese retailers are more frugal, less luxury-loving, and more hardy.

6. The Chinese retailers are willing to receive less profit per sale.

7. The Chinese retailers have more business experience.

8. The Chinese retailers have a lower standard of living.

9. The Chinese retailers are more entrenched behind an air-tight system of financing and credit, cooperative purchasing, an interlocking ownership. 10. inese retailers have more business experience.

8. The Chinese retailers have a lower standard of living.

9. The Chinese retailers are more entrenched behind an air-tight system of financing and credit, cooperative purchasing, an interlocking ownership.

10. The Chinese retailers receive more preferential treatment from big importers, who are usually Chinese themselves, thereby enabling them to obtain merchandise at very much lower prices.

Featured Investing Wisely

Thinking of investing your hard-earned money for profit? A wise investor understands the importance of risk and rates of return of his investments. Here’s a rundown of investment vehicles where you may put your money into and hopefully help you to decide which investment vehicles to use to achieve different financial goals.

Real Estatekey

Real estate is an ideal investment vehicle because it usually appreciates in value and can provide you with a steady cash flow. This may also be used as a leverage for loans. When buying a real estate, check for any defects and see if you can get good returns. Properties with delinquent accounts and those about to be foreclosed are usually sold 10 to 60 percent below their market value.

Bank and Trust Funds.piggy

Investing in bank and trust funds provide a moderate risk investment. They give the best balance between risk and reward for long-term investing. Common trust funds pool resources from various investors and then invest the money in mutual funds or stocks for higher earnings.

Life Insurance.tree

This investment typically provide very low return of investment and little or no inflation protection. However, this provides financial security to the plan owner and his family. Many invest in whole life life plans because the premiums are generally lower, but there are also term plans which is paid in shorter time frames, and endowment plans to choose from.


You may also invest your money in stocks. Stocks are shares in a company. When you invest in a company’s stock or buy its shares, you become a part owner of the company. Stocks fluctuate in value on a daily basis. When you buy a stock, you aren’t guaranteed anything.

Featured Forex Trading Education

forex tradingMany people are curious about getting into forex trading. It could be because of the financial increase that forex marketing brings. Anyone can have the opportunity to become rich. The possibilities are certainly endless. The forex market provides benefits that are countless. The list goes on.

If you are interested with the idea, it is best to get forex education especially in trading. This is like learning a new thing and can serve as an investment. However, you should be armed with the proper knowledge of getting into forex trading as this may be risky. This would assure that you are on the right track and you are on the way to increase your finances.

forexBeing literate about forex trading allows you to understand its nature. By learning this, you will know how to earn money by trading currencies. You will even learn from some professional traders. Education about forex trading also allows you to know that the environment is ever changing especially the exchange rate. You will then be familiar about the changes and you can then make appropriate actions. You will also be aware of the risk control and management as this is the crucial part when getting inot forex trading. Education is indeed the start of a great endeavor.

Featured Starting Up – Dilemna

Almost everybody came to a point of starting his or her own business. At first it could be a small restaurant, or maybe becoming a car dealer or venture into real state. Some even thought of venturing into farming or animal husbandry. Although we may have had some ideas for business, it could also be hard to start one. Most of the time, the business we started may also fail because of the lack of direction of what to do next.

There may be a lot of errors in what we were doing because it seems like we are just not able to be in a certain business for a given period of time. Before venturing into one, it is best to research on the type of business that you want to start with. Sometimes, it may seem like other establishments overwhelm you because they are already big and a lot of customers are already coming or transacting with them. It may be discouraging at first but with some hard work, you too may establish the kind of business that you have been wanting for. Although capital maybe the first problem, the other problem is courage. When starting, you tend to look at the competition. You start to think of where you are going to sell your business and also who you are going to sell to, then where you are going to put your establishment. A lot of times when we look at a certain location, we also look at businesses of the same category or look at the competition. Sometimes we become overwhelmed and then try to look for a different location with less competition. I’m not sure if this is a hindrance or if it is a good strategy but somehow it is becoming more of a hindrance. We tend to back out when we feel that we may not be successful in our endeavor. I wonder if all people feel this way when starting their own business. I guess you’ll never know until you try.


How to Put Up and Maintain a Unique Website

A website created can be used to provide general information to users or it can advertise a business and draw clients. A good website therefore, should entirely achieve the main goal that the website provider intended. It should serve the purpose of the target market and contentedly satisfy their needs. Here are tips that should be kept in mind to achieve a good website.

The web design should be appealing to the users. Take into consideration the arrangements of items on the site. Strive to achieve symmetry, a sequence or order that makes accessibility of valuable information easy. Format the website well to achieve readability. Well managed pointers and information items bring traffic to a web page.

A good website should be easy to maneuver. Make sure that a client or user is able to easily handle the navigation to items on the website. This saves them time to obtain more insight from the site. The navigation process should be well directed, and instructions clearly stipulated.

Modify the website in respect to certain aspects. Develop a method that directly links users to your website. This can be obtained by adhering to certain likely key words used in the search engine by users. It can also be achieved by locating the website next to other related websites. Modifications should also be done for a website to be accessed by users who use phones and other portable devices. A quality website should be supported and be compatible to all clients’ gadgets in need of the site. This is the only way to attract a great number of readers to the page.

The website put up should be adequate and efficient in that it carry’s specific details that are essential to users. Its content should be diverse, well-articulated and informative for users to fully comprehend the information displayed. It is important for business websites to be trustworthy so that it can draw customers to the business.

A quality website is a reliable tool that can be used to capture and retain the audience. They can easily trust and relate to the information if it is well formatted. These sites also draw positive reviews which in turn build a strong following.


The local shops with the largest selections are quite a ways apart. http://guitarcenter.com/ has a good selection of Martin, Gibson and Taylor acoustics. I love this store! They are always so helpful! If I can’t find a piece of music, they order it for me which is awesome. The lessons are top notch and the teachers are nice and knowledgeable in their instruments. I highly recommend checking it out!



Hipshot tuners are usually overlooked when it comes to acoustic guitars in favor of usual suspects Grover/Gotoh/Waverly. My friend was looking for a relatively cheap replacement for GS Mini that would improve stability without having to pay a significant chunk of the price of the guitar for a set of tuners. Locking tuners are usually not associated with acoustic guitars, but my is friend used to locking tuners/nuts/bridges on electric guitar and like the extra stability they provide, so he wanted something like that on the Mini. Hipshot has both open and closed gear tuners, with or without the locking mechanism. What surprised me was the price – locking set runs for 50 bucks from an authorized dealer.

Another thing that makes them interesting are the UMP (universal mounting plates) they offer (extra 10 bucks or something) that allow installation without drilling any holes in the headstock. That’s a big plus for people who don’t want to deal with that or pay a tech to install the tuners. My friend was able to replace them for about the same time it takes to replace strings, which is amazing.

Finally, they have a significant number of custom buttons, both metal and plastic, plenty to match any guitar. My friend went with their standard modernized keystone look that matches Taylor headstock perfectly.

My friend took the open gear locking model which combines vintage and modern and matches acoustic guitar nicely. My friend have had them on the guitar for about a week now. Strings are settled in and they noticeably improved stability. 18:1 ratio is a bit smoother than 16:1 which many makers use as standard. I like finer ratio, especially for thicker strings. With lower ratio they change pitch way too fast, so it’s not easy to get the pitch just right.

Snowball USB Microphone

I’ve used their 8 Ball and that’s a cracking little mic for the price. If this is as cheap as $54 I’d buy as many as I could afford! Seriously tho, Blue are a pretty heavyweight mic company and even their budget range tends to be serious quality for any given price point, so with that reduction I’d say buy it. I’m actually a little envious of others good fortune! When I was looking for a Snowball USB Microphone, a friend informed me that there is a great deal here! on GC. I’m pretty happy with my Blue Snowball USB Mic.  I’ve had it a few years. It has survived the horrors that is the corner of my desk and the floor below and still works.


Tambourine at wwbw.com

Dynamicx makes great stuff. They have neat tambourines!

In all the mountable tambourine at wwbw.com that I have seen, the mounting bracket cannot be removed, but it looks like this one can. It appears to be a handheld tamb with a mounting bracket bolted to it. I think you can remove it with a wrench – not something to do between sets, but it looks to be fairly easily convertible. 

I heard that the triangular shape gives it a darker, drier sound. As far as sound goes, the best sounding one I have ever heard is LP Cyclops with brass dimpled jingles. It practically sounds EQ’d. It’s the opposite of harsh sounding. I know they make a mounted version but all I could find is the hand held one.


Local Store

I’m lucky to have a few good stores within range of me. The best one I have is Guitar Center. Brilliant range of stock, some of the best staff you could be served by. They also have loads of lovely ESPs, Fender, Jackson, Gretsch and more. Loads of acoustics as well as PA, pianos and electronic music stuff. Great chaps in there too, willing to let you try whatever, pretty much a half hour in sound booths, aren’t pushy and be as helpful as possible. Love those guys.  The local store also looks very nice.

Musician’s Friend

I have ordered accessories and guitars from Musicians Friend, Amazon, Sweetwater,  Zzounds and Guitar Center. While I never had a bad experience I have to rate Musicians Friend as my new top one. I ordered my last guitar through them and like my friends, I was impressed for the huge discount, fast and smooth transaction. Then the fact they called me to let me know they finished packing the guitar up, sent me an email with pictures of it, sent me candy with it, and called me a week or so after I got it to make sure it was okay and that I liked it all led to my decision to make them my go to play for my future guitars/amps/whatever purchases. The musicians friend store locator also is a powerful and easy to use location management system. It allows you to save time and money and is fast, accurate and allows clients to get the information they want without intruding on their valuable time. The musicians friend store locator is able to answer client enquiries 24 hours a day every day of the week – including holidays.

Guitar Center Dallas

My friend from Texas went to recently purchased a new guitar from guitar center dallas . He said that they have a nice selection of acoustics, electric guitars are more. Lots of sheet musics targeted for the guitar or stringed instrument players. Very knowledgeable folks.  Fantastic resource for every type of guitarist.  There’s a wide selection in all price ranges, and if you’re budget conscious, they work really hard to pick economy instruments that play well and are reasonably set up, action wise.

Guitar Center is the first place that I head to whenever I’m looking for sheet music, guitar-related books, or methods. In all my visits, there was only one instance where they didn’t have a publication that I was looking for, but that was because it had been initially published only four weeks before.

Starting A Backyard Nursery

There is a big difference in making a few bucks on a couple hundred plants and making a living. If making a living to you is something like $50,000, then you will have to sell many thousands of quality plants. Can your location support the traffic to sell many thousands of plants? Does your location have the population/market to sell many thousands of plants?

Cost of doing business so low? Nothing is free, if you try to grow enough plants to make a living, you will have to buy tons of potting soil, thousands and thousands of pots, trays to carry thousands of pots, some sort of fertilizer for thousands and thousands of pots, some sort of insect/disease prevention for thousands and thousands of pots, you will have to buy many thousands of quality seeds or plugs and bareroot perennials. You will need many thousands of tags for all the plants. You will need to buy signage and advertising.

And, what most don’t want to face, is that you will need a lot more facilities than just a big backyard. You will need some sort of setup to start thousands of seeds. You will need some sort of setup to display all these thousands of plants. The biggest single expense will be a greenhouse, to compete with any other nursery or big box store in your area you will have to have your plants ready and blooming when the customers are ready to buy, in my friend’s area that is April, May & June. You will not have much ready and blooming by April & May without a heated greenhouse that you will have to buy fuel for all winter.

Having said all that, my friend wouldn’t trade it for the world. He has 4 large greenhouses, two of them heated, a large outdoor growing area set up with a dripper irrigation system and a 600 sq.ft. germination room setup. Is he making a decent living at it, well let’s just say he haven’t quit his night job yet!

Godin Session

In this price range it is hard to find something so well-made. I have mine about a year, I’ve changed humbacker for SD SH-11, and both singles for Merlin (polish manufacture)- this guitar simply rocks. The godin session is very comfortable to play and very versatile in sound. Normally Godin Sessions would go from 600 to 800 dollars, because they are handmade and the best Canadian wood. Mine was a special deal, because I bought my Godin Session for 400 dollars.

Godins are very good axes indeed. Craftsmanship and quality control are really high. Plus the Canadian manufacturer. They are very much like Fenders should be, if they weren’t been manufactured in Mexico, China, Vietnam and other countries of this kind. My Godin session looks, plays and sound like heaven. And has all the finesse some American axes miss so badly.