Ukulele For Beginners


I think the Ukulele is a good choice for a musical beginner. But, you need to realize the instrument’s capabilities to avoid disappointment. Although it is entirely possible to play melodies and classical style music on the Ukulele, those techniques are more advanced. As a beginner, you will be producing harmony chords with your strumming, and you will have to hum or sing any melody you want to go with them. The Uke will teach you basic music theory, chords, rhythms, tempo, etc. How far you go with it is entirely up to you. As far as the choice of ukulele is concerned, there are many happy Lanikai owners that started on that LU21. It should do a beginner nicely until he or she want a nicer one, if that time ever in fact comes. There are lots of info about that Lanikai online.

lanikai ukuleleukadelic ukulele by kala


2015 Les Paul Gibson Studio Electric Guitar

Is it just me or are these Gibson guitars becoming more and more a work of art rather than a workhorse instrument? For that kind of money why the hell would I want to risk any damage to it? I’d be best off protecting it by encasing it for display.  I tried testing one at musiansfriends and it’s hard to stop playing it. I really love it.  I chose an amp I never heard of before Line 6 Spider IV 120w . It’s a modeling amp. What that basically means is artists have put their presets into the amp so when you play their songs it will sound the same. I should of just bought a marshall half stack tube amp. But what do you do. Anyway back to the guitar. It’s a keeper. I will play it all the time, and will probably keep it for years after I buy one. I will play just about everything on it. It sound awesome playing metal, all the way down to G&R, or James Taylor. No complaints I’m sure you’ll love yours too.

Gibson is by far my favorite guitar company. It’s my favorite guitar to play because so many specs are literally PERFECT and it feels exactly like a guitar is supposed to feel.

2015 Les Paul Gibson Studio Electric Guitar

2015 Les Paul Gibson Studio Electric Guitar2015 Les Paul Gibson Studio Electric Guitar

Presonus MP20

I picked up a used Presonus MP20 for stupid cheap a couple of months ago and I really like it. I am aware of all the mods but I don’t think I’m going to touch this one. It sounds really good to my ears. Has a good thick sound with a nice sheen to it. I’ve tried this thing on acoustic guitar and vocals and boy am I impressed with it for the money. Anyone have any recommendations on other good uses? How do the Instrument inputs sound? Also want to say how often I’ve seen negative things about this unit and wonder why??? Maybe mine has mods that I’m not aware of but it sounds dang good!

For the Presonus MP20 should easily meet all needs. I do know people that still love their Presonus MP20. I have owned the MP-20 for about two months now, together with a Grace Design-101, a pair of racked Ward-Beck 470Ds, a Focusrite Penta, and a few other “minor players” (such as an Art tube MP, etc.). I love all four for different reasons, but can tell you that the MP-20 is a great unit and more versatile than all the others I have. For example, it is a perfect “stereo stand alone unit” and I plan to do a “live” recording using only two room mics through the MP-20 direct into a DAT.

Presonus MP20


HID Xenon Headlights

HID Xenon HeadlightsXenon lighting was, hands down, the best modification I ever made to my car. I changed from a reflector style housing to a projector. Some of the kits are really cheap and are more trouble than they’re worth. The difference between the xenon xtralights hid in my car and the non xenon lights in my wife’s vehicle is significant. They seem to work really well in the snow also, meaning that you do not get that effect where high beams are worse than low beams when they reflect off of the snow if that makes any sense. They are also great on flat roads.

I am really glad that I made this modification to my car. The factory hid lighting puts out about 4300k which is a white light, on the replacements I got 8000k and puts out a bluish color which is completely awesome.

HID Xenon Headlights



Custom Cut Seats and Cushions

Seat Cushion

I have used Foam Factory, Inc. to have some existing cushions replaced. They are a real store with a huge selection of fabrics and foams and such. They are also very good with web-based ordering as I ordered mine online.

They always appear to be very busy but their service was great and on time.

For those of you looking to replace chair or bench cushions or just looking to create a new room colour scheme with clever fabrics, Google Foam By Mail and you will find sofa cushion from here. They created some of the most beautiful outdoor cushions for me. And we later ordered a window seat cushion for indoors too. They shipped right here to us! Has anyone else had such a positive experience with them? They are amazing, aren’t they! We’ve needed something like this for a long time here. It’s affordable and high-end!

Seat Cushion

Simmons SD1000 6-Piece Electronic Drumset

I myself am an edrummer, and this time last year I was unsure what kit to buy….Roland, Yamaha or Alesis.

I ended up going down the Simmons SD1000 6-Piece Electronic Drumset route. The reason that I bought this kit was because it is equipped with Variable Attack Response (V.A.R.) technology, the pads give the drummer more internal memory and intelligent sample triggering across 4 different velocity zones for each trigger input. The Simmons SD1000 itself uses 8 samples per trigger zone: 4 velocity zones, plus 2 alternating samples per velocity zone.

The result is natural dynamics, smooth decay times which eliminates artificial-sounding “machine gun” playback or ghost notes when playing rolls — true response between hard and soft strikes. It’s the most realistic sound and natural response ever from a Simmons electronic drum kit.

It really is fantastic with a large amount of high quality sounds and articulations, and is capable of doing pretty much everything that the high end Roland kits do.

The other reason that I got this kit from musciansfriend was because of the price and what you actually get for your money, which is the SD1000 sound module, nine S1000 series pads, new multi-position hi-hat controller, and an eye-catching anodized-blue rack.

Simmons SD1000 6-Piece Electronic Drumset


Overseas Car Shipping

Overseas Car ShippingHaving shipped cars from Bremerhafen and air-freighted cars from Brussels and Frankfurt, I can say I prefer having the services of Marine Transport Logistics for overseas car shipping. Do not ship by sea during Winter or the spring or autumnal equinoctial gales. If you must ship by sea, deliver the car yourself to Bremerhafen and remove the front spoiler and put it inside the car. I have had no difficulties with the US Gov’t contractor, but I have fronted up in person and paid cash and delivered the car to the dock and picked it up from customs.

Wholesale Hats

If you are looking to buy wholesale hats, you can buy wholesale hats from The prices of the hats will vary with the quantity you want for your wholesale. The hats come in various colors and designs that you can easily choose from. The company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every wholesale hat they sell, to reassure customers that their order will be manufactured to the highest standards.

Chevron Buckle Wholesale Handbag

Black Faux Ostrich Double Cross Wholesale Satchel

Tooled Skull Wholesale Handbag

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee MugsLooking for a new way get the word out about your business? The custom coffee mug provides an excellent way to advertise your company. Unlike other promotional items such as pencils or letter openers, the custom coffee mug provides ample space for branding. You can fit your personalized logo along with information on your service around the custom coffee mug and still have room to spare.

The Price is Right

Most people don’t realize it, but custom coffee mugs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, a basic custom coffee mug made of ceramic will cost well under a dollar. That’s not bad for consistent advertising.

There is a range of prices to choose from depending on the style and quality of the custom coffee mug you choose. Whether you spend a few dollars apiece on quality travel mugs or stick the more affordable mugs, there is an option that fits into just about every advertising budget.

Lots of Variety

With so many styles and colors to choose from, the custom coffee mug offers you a wealth of possibilities. From the basic ceramic mug to a glass or even stainless steal mug, you will find the ideal solution for your business needs. Do you want light weight coffee mugs to bring to a seminar or meeting or do you want heavy, quality, stainless steal mugs to give to your best clients?


Pandora Beads

Sparkly, good-looking and fashionable. There are much labor involved in producing Pandora beads. Many people love to ask the question how do you put beads on a pandora charms leather bracelet. Just make sure that you are buying real pandora charms beads. If cost is an issue, buy discontinued beads. This will save you a ton of money and allow you to put them on your leather bracelet. As well, if you are having problems with your bracelet bring it back to the jeweler and get it repaired. You will find that putting beads on a real Pandora leather bracelet is a piece of cake! Pandora bracelets are perfectly made for for Pandora beads.

pandora braceletpandora bracelet

pandora bracelet