Articles for February 2012

Guitar Pickup

We like watching people who are playing a good tune with their guitars. It’s quite normal for us to be seeing guitar players making their music heard with their own amplifiers. We just don’t see that there is more than just the audio cable that sends the signal from the guitar to the amp. The guitar pickups make it possible for the vibrations that we hear on the guitar to be sent to the amplifier. The pickups like the emg pickups convert these vibrations to electrical signals appropriate for the amplifier. Guitar pickups allow the guitars to be connected to equipment such as amplifiers and mixers to make louder music that can be heard by more people and thus be able to hold concerts with their instruments.

Need for Batteries

We use batteries for our electronic devices and even toys. If there are kids in the house, there may be a lot of toys using batteries like the duracell procell aa. If not toys, we use the batteries for our remote controls for use with our TVs, recorders and even airconditioners. Some companies have their own stock of batteries also for use with their remote controls that may be used for their projectors, airconditioners and players. Having some batteries in stock assures us of continual use of these devices. We wouldn’t want to find ourselves trying to find batteries when an important presentation is to be made.

Plastic Bags

New products are usually protected by plastic covers. The whole lot may be covered during shipment or the product itself is covered by a plastic bag when the box is opened. The cover protects the product from dirt, dust or water. Different manufacturing industries use polyethylene bags to cover things from small parts to big furniture. Even food like fruit and candy can be put in a plastic bag to keep it fresh and clean. It makes us feel assured that the product has been protected from dust and water during its shipment from the factory.