Articles for February 2013

Wall Fountains

Flowing water or a body of water like ponds and lakes can somehow soothe the senses and make us relax in some way. The serene flow of clear water can make us let go of our worries and sometimes think clearer as if washing away all that makes things unclear. Some buildings have flowing water or fountains at the entrance or driveway. Others have smaller fountains that fit in the lobby or a smaller one in a room. There are different fountains like floor and wall fountains at SoothingWalls that can make the office look and feel better. It can also help the people around feel more comfortable when they pass by.

Background Checks

With the busy schedules of company owners especially small companies that do not have a number of HR people, it is hard to do background checks on people who are applying for a certain position. The easiest option would be to hire a third-party who does background check services to get the available information about the people applying for a job. The process of hiring personnel will be faster and easier. There is also lesser chance of getting people that are not meant to do the job.