Articles for April 2013

Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are widely used in packaging machinery for mounting machine components. Usually they are used for parts that require frequent removal for cleaning or changeover.

They come in a variety of formats and sizes. Frequently they are manually toggled but pneumatically and hydraulically actuated clamps are available as well. Some configurations are double acting, toggling in either the extended or retracted position.

Generally, the toggle clamp should never be the primary means of holding a part in position. Use some locating pins with corresponding mating pins. The part mates with the pins that prevent it from moving side to side. The toggle clamp provides a vertical force to prevent the part from lifting off the pins.

DJ Business Cards

I got to get some made. I’ve been asked about thousand times and look like a moron without one. I have an idea of what I’m going to make but wanted to see what creative things people are doing on their card. I am going to get my dj business cards from professorprint.  I am having a tough time trying to figure out what I wanted them to look like. I guess I will have to ask for suggestions from Professor Print or from my dj buddies.