Articles for October 2013

Orange Terror Bass

I got my Orange Amplifiers Terror Bass a few months ago and on initial plug in and play it really does sound nice. I am going to A/B it against my Trusty ABM 2X10 300 evo 2 at rehearsal on Sunday. But so far it is good, and I like a nice simple control layout, which was one of the things that did it for this combo in the first place. I only ever use one basic sound that I really like, which I found straight away on this baby.  I purchased my orange terror bass 500 combo at guitar center.

My orange terror bass 500 breaks up quite early, but I play very lightly and don’t have a problem with clean headroom. Keeping the gain low (at around 9 o clock), I find there is plenty of volume left on tap. Most of the time I go through the PA, and there hasn’t been a problem in quite loud pub gigs with only a vocal PA either, with plenty of volume left.


Military Coin Value

The value of a military coin depends on many factors, they could be worth something to an avid collector. The popularity of these coins has skyrocketed over the past few years, and the more unique the design, the more sought after the coin is. Many military servicemen consider a military coin to be invaluable…meaning they wouldn’t give them up for anything because in most cases such coins are “earned.”

Some coins are rare and unique with very few of them made due to the unit not existing anymore or they were numbered and produced in limited numbers to maintain their exclusivity. For example “Order of the Sword” or Commander’s Coin (if numbered) or a unit’s anniversary coin MAY be valuable to someone, but no real monetary value. Some coins would be worth more for obvious reasons (rarity, precious metal used, etc)

Find a collector who know what type of coins you have. They could be worth a few dollars maybe a few hundred dollars if they are rare…but the important part is finding a collector who is interested.

I keep my coins for sentimental reasons…I don’t guess any of them are worth more than a few dollars…but they are worth something to me…and that is all I care about.