Articles for November 2013

AKG D 112

The AKG D 112, back in the mid-1980s, it was every soundman’s dream to make the kick sound like Herman Rarebell playing for Scorpions. I still own a d112, the last time I recall it being used was on a bodhran about a couple of years ago. It’s an interesting mic to apply EQ to. If I remember correctly, there about 4 flavors of the same thing.  The d112 is still favored in recording studios. Lots of drummers hear the good results from that and go buy one of their own I think.  You’ll get all manor of tones out of it by changing position in the kick. For rock kick, move it way up inside about an inch off the beater and slightly off center. Killer rock sound.

AKG D 112AKG D 112

Foam By Mail

I use foam by mail. It is the exact same stuff you get from auralex, but a heck of a lot cheaper. They have a great selection of sound insulation and many colors to choose from. The foam is very resistant to fire as well. Auralex’s prices are just too much money. Or at least compared to the quality you get from foam by mail, and cheaper too.  I bought the $300.00 dollar Aurelex stuff and as cool as it looked, it did not cover much at all. Figured I would go broke if I kept buying this stuff. Someone suggested the foam by mail. I went online and bought 200 sq. feet of the stuff.



While online the other night I ran across this web site which carries about anything. Reid Supply Company – Industrial Supplies & Components They have specialty Catalogs like Jig & Fixture, a Stainless Steel Catalog and even on linebrowing of the catalog. You can download CAD’s FREE and even insert the the files into your drawings. They have a CAD library which includes over 30,000 drawings and components. I received the master catalog today and it is full of items for woodworkers. This catalog reminds me of the MacMaster-Carr book. Woodsmith and shopnotes use them as sources at times. Their prices are good, delivery is quick. Reids carry a huge amount of stuff.