Articles for May 2015


When choosing a bassoon, play several and see which one you prefer. If can have a go at playing a bassoon, play it and compare it to other bassoon models and brands. What suits a bassewbie, might not suit you. It is up to personal choice but there is no point in paying money out for a bassoon which you don’t like if it is cheaper, might as well save up.

I am another Schreiber person. Some Adlers are OK. One day I would like to play a Mossman but the reach is too big.


5 Piece Drum Setup

I am a fan of ddrum and I heard that they sound really good. That’s just what I think. Now here’s what matters. Deal or sound? That’s really important. Try finding drums that have a great deal, but a great sound. I’ll tell you that generally, the lower the price, the lower the quality. But you can get high quality with the ddrum 5 piece drum setup. It’s my number one choice if you are looking for low priced high quality drum setup, because you can change the heads and tune that up and it will sound pretty good for a 100% basswood shells. Very nice hardware as well. Ddrum is a pretty good brand, not my favorite but great value!

ddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kitddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kitddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kit