Articles for September 2015

Ukulele Musician’s Friend

I purchased my ukulele, acoustic guitars and electric guitars from Musician’s Friend and always got a good deal, great advice from them.  My brother was in the market for a guitar.  As a drummer, he does not know anything about guitars.My brother got a ukulele musicians friend to play on stage, and it has served him well.  He went to them again, as they were extremely helpful, and patient.  They didn’t try to sell my brother a $5000.00 Martin.  They told him they needed a nice sounding acoustic guitar to write with, and play on stage.  They pointed my brother a Yamaha, and Breedlove.  I played a few guitars, and kept coming back to the Breedlove.
My brother was (and always has been), very patient while it took forever to make up his mind.  He chosed the Breedlove.  Awesome service, great price, for a piece of equipment he will use for 20 years.  No pressure, no bs, just great advice, and a guitar that is serving him very well!  Another guitarist used it in studio to record some tracks with, as he liked the brightness of it, over his own, for the song.  Always fair, and professional.  Love Musician’s Friend!

Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Cutaway Electric Ukulele