Articles for September 2016

Adrian Smith Guitarist

Adrian Smith has listed Gary Moore as one of his influences. You can certainly hear Moore eque overtones in some of his work (listen to Wild Frontier by Gary and it does sound a little bit like the co-penned New Frontier) and Adrian Smith guitarist Wasted Years solo has some of the same techniques used in Gary’s “Empty Rooms” track. I’d love to hear them play together, they are two of my favourite all time axemen as you can probably tell from the moniker “the god that is h”.

Having read some articles about Iron Maiden playing the same old songs on countless tours I watched my new Death on the Road DVD for the first time yesterday and yes some of the old tracks are there but I think the sound has changed on some of them. For instance Wrathchild now has all three of the guitarists taking on some of the lead stuff, with Adrian belting out the intro, Davey taking the middle solo and Jan crashing in at the end. I think this has strengthened the song and gives it a new dimension. I know we have all heard The Trooper a thousand times but again the double solo with H and Jan is awesome and worth a few more tours.


Adrian Smith, it’s one of those persons you’d like to meet I guess, he seems to have such a great understading of things. I don’t know how he’s as a person but I’m sure he’s a great guy, you don’t play in a band for so long if you don’t get along with everyone imo.


Jackson Adrian Smith SDX Snow Whitejackson-adrian-smith-sdx-snow-white

Apogee Mic 96k

Works well for me on my 15″ MBP i7. My iPad is old so I don’t use it (96k = lightning cable). Iphone 6 works well but you can only have 1 audio in (i.e. no phone patch) If you do wanna phone patch, it seems to pick up the cell interference from days of you are so that’s no good but how does it sound? It sound awesome! Gain control is a little too swift but it is easy find the right level and for portability the apogee mic 96k is great. It’s easy-going enough that I take it with me most places, and it also comes with a lightning cable. Had no trouble with it, however it was a gift and a little more than I would have liked to pay myself.apogee-mic-96k