Articles for December 2016

Guitar Center Dallas

My friend from Texas went to recently purchased a new guitar from guitar center dallas . He said that they have a nice selection of acoustics, electric guitars are more. Lots of sheet musics targeted for the guitar or stringed instrument players. Very knowledgeable folks.  Fantastic resource for every type of guitarist.  There’s a wide selection in all price ranges, and if you’re budget conscious, they work really hard to pick economy instruments that play well and are reasonably set up, action wise.

Guitar Center is the first place that I head to whenever I’m looking for sheet music, guitar-related books, or methods. In all my visits, there was only one instance where they didn’t have a publication that I was looking for, but that was because it had been initially published only four weeks before.

Starting A Backyard Nursery

There is a big difference in making a few bucks on a couple hundred plants and making a living. If making a living to you is something like $50,000, then you will have to sell many thousands of quality plants. Can your location support the traffic to sell many thousands of plants? Does your location have the population/market to sell many thousands of plants?

Cost of doing business so low? Nothing is free, if you try to grow enough plants to make a living, you will have to buy tons of potting soil, thousands and thousands of pots, trays to carry thousands of pots, some sort of fertilizer for thousands and thousands of pots, some sort of insect/disease prevention for thousands and thousands of pots, you will have to buy many thousands of quality seeds or plugs and bareroot perennials. You will need many thousands of tags for all the plants. You will need to buy signage and advertising.

And, what most don’t want to face, is that you will need a lot more facilities than just a big backyard. You will need some sort of setup to start thousands of seeds. You will need some sort of setup to display all these thousands of plants. The biggest single expense will be a greenhouse, to compete with any other nursery or big box store in your area you will have to have your plants ready and blooming when the customers are ready to buy, in my friend’s area that is April, May & June. You will not have much ready and blooming by April & May without a heated greenhouse that you will have to buy fuel for all winter.

Having said all that, my friend wouldn’t trade it for the world. He has 4 large greenhouses, two of them heated, a large outdoor growing area set up with a dripper irrigation system and a 600 sq.ft. germination room setup. Is he making a decent living at it, well let’s just say he haven’t quit his night job yet!

Godin Session

In this price range it is hard to find something so well-made. I have mine about a year, I’ve changed humbacker for SD SH-11, and both singles for Merlin (polish manufacture)- this guitar simply rocks. The godin session is very comfortable to play and very versatile in sound. Normally Godin Sessions would go from 600 to 800 dollars, because they are handmade and the best Canadian wood. Mine was a special deal, because I bought my Godin Session for 400 dollars.

Godins are very good axes indeed. Craftsmanship and quality control are really high. Plus the Canadian manufacturer. They are very much like Fenders should be, if they weren’t been manufactured in Mexico, China, Vietnam and other countries of this kind. My Godin session looks, plays and sound like heaven. And has all the finesse some American axes miss so badly.