Guitar Center Dallas

My friend from Texas went to recently purchased a new guitar from guitar center dallas . He said that they have a nice selection of acoustics, electric guitars are more. Lots of sheet musics targeted for the guitar or stringed instrument players. Very knowledgeable folks.  Fantastic resource for every type of guitarist.  There’s a wide selection in all price ranges, and if you’re budget conscious, they work really hard to pick economy instruments that play well and are reasonably set up, action wise.

Guitar Center is the first place that I head to whenever I’m looking for sheet music, guitar-related books, or methods. In all my visits, there was only one instance where they didn’t have a publication that I was looking for, but that was because it had been initially published only four weeks before.

Starting A Backyard Nursery

There is a big difference in making a few bucks on a couple hundred plants and making a living. If making a living to you is something like $50,000, then you will have to sell many thousands of quality plants. Can your location support the traffic to sell many thousands of plants? Does your location have the population/market to sell many thousands of plants?

Cost of doing business so low? Nothing is free, if you try to grow enough plants to make a living, you will have to buy tons of potting soil, thousands and thousands of pots, trays to carry thousands of pots, some sort of fertilizer for thousands and thousands of pots, some sort of insect/disease prevention for thousands and thousands of pots, you will have to buy many thousands of quality seeds or plugs and bareroot perennials. You will need many thousands of tags for all the plants. You will need to buy signage and advertising.

And, what most don’t want to face, is that you will need a lot more facilities than just a big backyard. You will need some sort of setup to start thousands of seeds. You will need some sort of setup to display all these thousands of plants. The biggest single expense will be a greenhouse, to compete with any other nursery or big box store in your area you will have to have your plants ready and blooming when the customers are ready to buy, in my friend’s area that is April, May & June. You will not have much ready and blooming by April & May without a heated greenhouse that you will have to buy fuel for all winter.

Having said all that, my friend wouldn’t trade it for the world. He has 4 large greenhouses, two of them heated, a large outdoor growing area set up with a dripper irrigation system and a 600 sq.ft. germination room setup. Is he making a decent living at it, well let’s just say he haven’t quit his night job yet!

Custom Cut Seats and Cushions

I have used Foam Factory, Inc. to have some existing cushions replaced. They are a real store with a huge selection of fabrics and foams and such. They are also very good with web-based ordering as I ordered mine online.

They always appear to be very busy but their service was great and on time.

For those of you looking to replace chair or bench cushions or just looking to create a new room colour scheme with clever fabrics, Google Foam By Mail and you will find sofa cushion from here. They created some of the most beautiful outdoor cushions for me. And we later ordered a window seat cushion for indoors too. They shipped right here to us! Has anyone else had such a positive experience with them? They are amazing, aren’t they! We’ve needed something like this for a long time here. It’s affordable and high-end!

Seat Cushion

Overseas Car Shipping

Overseas Car ShippingHaving shipped cars from Bremerhafen and air-freighted cars from Brussels and Frankfurt, I can say I prefer having the services of Marine Transport Logistics for overseas car shipping. Do not ship by sea during Winter or the spring or autumnal equinoctial gales. If you must ship by sea, deliver the car yourself to Bremerhafen and remove the front spoiler and put it inside the car. I have had no difficulties with the US Gov’t contractor, but I have fronted up in person and paid cash and delivered the car to the dock and picked it up from customs.

Wholesale Hats

If you are looking to buy wholesale hats, you can buy wholesale hats from The prices of the hats will vary with the quantity you want for your wholesale. The hats come in various colors and designs that you can easily choose from. The company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every wholesale hat they sell, to reassure customers that their order will be manufactured to the highest standards.

Chevron Buckle Wholesale Handbag

Black Faux Ostrich Double Cross Wholesale Satchel

Tooled Skull Wholesale Handbag

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee MugsLooking for a new way get the word out about your business? The custom coffee mug provides an excellent way to advertise your company. Unlike other promotional items such as pencils or letter openers, the custom coffee mug provides ample space for branding. You can fit your personalized logo along with information on your service around the custom coffee mug and still have room to spare.

The Price is Right

Most people don’t realize it, but custom coffee mugs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, a basic custom coffee mug made of ceramic will cost well under a dollar. That’s not bad for consistent advertising.

There is a range of prices to choose from depending on the style and quality of the custom coffee mug you choose. Whether you spend a few dollars apiece on quality travel mugs or stick the more affordable mugs, there is an option that fits into just about every advertising budget.

Lots of Variety

With so many styles and colors to choose from, the custom coffee mug offers you a wealth of possibilities. From the basic ceramic mug to a glass or even stainless steal mug, you will find the ideal solution for your business needs. Do you want light weight coffee mugs to bring to a seminar or meeting or do you want heavy, quality, stainless steal mugs to give to your best clients?


Foam By Mail

I use foam by mail. It is the exact same stuff you get from auralex, but a heck of a lot cheaper. They have a great selection of sound insulation and many colors to choose from. The foam is very resistant to fire as well. Auralex’s prices are just too much money. Or at least compared to the quality you get from foam by mail, and cheaper too.  I bought the $300.00 dollar Aurelex stuff and as cool as it looked, it did not cover much at all. Figured I would go broke if I kept buying this stuff. Someone suggested the foam by mail. I went online and bought 200 sq. feet of the stuff.



While online the other night I ran across this web site which carries about anything. Reid Supply Company – Industrial Supplies & Components They have specialty Catalogs like Jig & Fixture, a Stainless Steel Catalog and even on linebrowing of the catalog. You can download CAD’s FREE and even insert the the files into your drawings. They have a CAD library which includes over 30,000 drawings and components. I received the master catalog today and it is full of items for woodworkers. This catalog reminds me of the MacMaster-Carr book. Woodsmith and shopnotes use them as sources at times. Their prices are good, delivery is quick. Reids carry a huge amount of stuff.


Envelope Printing Service Vs Printer

Find a service you trust and use it.  The reason of a former pre-press technician is that maintaining knowledge of that expertise and getting the equipment a person would want to use is far more expensive than making prints at a service. It is true that each individual print costs more, but we cannot negate the cost of the printer and our time and maintenance. Instead of working on more images, we are caught at the printer running through sheets, calibrating and testing, when a service will do this all for us. The cost of the printer is one most people leave out of their calculations.

The envelope printing service you use should have leading edge technologies. Machines costing $10,000 to $100,000 are not those you will buy for your home or even for your business unless your volume is very high. The $100,000 printer will do things that your $1000 home printer is incapable of. Using a service We do not have to maintain various paper stocks, and always have flexibility in my options for output. If I am in a business where I rent by the sq. ft., I don’t need to relegate a portion of that to my printer stock and supplies. I also do not have to maintain cropping equipment, and expensive printer calibration devices.

Depending on what you do the home printing option may be viable. But for me I stick with the service and end up printing what I need for decidedly less…The best of both worlds.

Fedora Hats

A lot of people wear hats. We see people wearing caps or cowboy hats and top hats. Others prefer Dobbs fedora hats which are more their style and sometimes use them with their formal attire. Though the hats are often used to protect the head from the heat of the sun, some wear them even at night to protect their head from the cold night. It sometimes becomes the trademark of a person when he or she always wear a certain type of hat.