Montecristo Cigars

I recently received a 2008 Edicion Limitada Montecristo Sublime, one in a box pass and thought it would be a good way to spend the afternoon as technically, I was not smoking one from my stash that I smoke on my anniversary.

The montecristo cigar itself is a Sublime vitola. It comes in at a 54 ring gauge and is 6.5 inches long. The cigar is very toothy. The wrapper is a darkened, leathery brown. A daunting looking stick. A good amount of time is going to be needed today. The construction is decent. Squeeze test shows that it is slightly underfilled. Hope that this doesn’t pose any draw issues. The foot of the cigar shows otherwise. Looks fairly packed. The aroma from the wrapper is pure cocoa with a hint of earthiness and a slight woody smell to it. The triple cap looks good. Should be an easy entry for the punch. The draw is very loose. Much looser than I expected. Almost like a wind tunnel. I hope that it tightens up as I smoke the cigar.

Cocoa, woodiness, cream and a hint of dark sugar off the cold draw. Time to take this to the flame….

Liking Cigars

A lot of people prefer smoking cigars than just regular cigarettes. They have exquisite taste and don’t just pick any type of cigar to smoke. Though they may have a habit for smoking, they also choose a cigar that pleases their taste. Cigars can also be given as a gift to a known smoker. If the person likes cigars, Cohiba cigars can be a great gift which the person will enjoy after meals or while hanging out. He may also be smoking them while on his free time or to help him think about things. He may also be enjoying the taste while just relaxing.

Cigar Humidors

Though there are lots of smokers around, not all of them smoke regular cigars. There are some that prefer smoking cigars rather than the regular cigarettes that can easily be found. Some cigars are quite expensive and it is because of the very rich taste and aroma that it can offer. Having a cigar would mean storing them in humidors rather than just any box. A humidor is ideal for keeping cigars in an ideal temperature. It can also be a gift to a relative, friend or colleague you know that smokes cigars.