Laptop Computer Carts For Students

Depending on the age of your students, make sure your laptop computer carts will be kid friendly.  All wheels should sit on the floor so there is no rocking-type motion.

The cart will be easier to maneuver if there are only 4 wheels.  If the cart will house 25 computers, make sure all of it’s space is utilized for them.

(Carts could be supplied to house 40 computers but be set up for your 25 and the left over room is wasted.)  I would also recommend the slots in the cart be wide enough for one laptop with arm space for when a reach into the back of the cart is necessary.  One last thing, if you should get a mobile lab, you need training on “having” the laptops in your room, which would be a short training, and “using” the laptops with your students, which require more extensive training. Neglecting this last part can almost guarantee that your investment will be a waste.

Powerpoint Presentation Design

I have had an odd fascination with PPT since the late 90s and have gotten way too nerdy about all of it’s capabilities. I did get a good chuckle with the blue/yellow reference and have had moments where I got excited picking the “design template” and fun color schemes.

That said, less is more. For a job talk, I think a simple white background is most appropropriate, simply because it’s easy to read. That said, i think a well selected color contrast is appropriate for Titles/Headers or to highlight important concepts. Google images is also a great source to find the right photo to show instead of tell something. Bullet points also are more easily digested than full sentences. Again, choose appropriate colors for graphs and make sure the legend is clear, etc.

Simple animations (entrance, appear; exit, disappear) are good to set pace… but avoid the “jazzy” transitions such as blinds horizontal/vertical, wipe left/up/down, etc.

Be sure to do a practice in a well-lit room to make sure your color choice is readable. I’ve seen some PPTs that were well designed, in theory, but in practice, the colors were not readable in a fully-lit room (yellow is always difficult to read). If you do not have time to practice, you can have a Powerpoint Presentation Design from They are a premier PowerPoint presentation design firm since 2002.

Also use a large enough font (24 pt seems good).

Background Checks

With the busy schedules of company owners especially small companies that do not have a number of HR people, it is hard to do background checks on people who are applying for a certain position. The easiest option would be to hire a third-party who does background check services to get the available information about the people applying for a job. The process of hiring personnel will be faster and easier. There is also lesser chance of getting people that are not meant to do the job.

Smart Software Security

The internet can be a big market where people can find different products to buy. Big and small companies can also sell their products through the internet with the use of websites. The problem is that there are a lot of viruses and malware that can also be found in the internet. Big companies have a lot of security and antivirus software protecting their system. Smaller companies and home users also have antivirus and security software but on a smaller scale. For those looking for smart security, there is the ESET Smart Security from This may be the layered security software that you need for your small business or home computer to keep it protected and up and running.

Website Builder

Different people have different ideas on how they want their website to look. They want their own designs to be shown and not just their posts. Some end up hiring a designer or freelance web designer to create a website to their specifications. Some individuals and professionals get the best website builders for them to create and design their own website. With their own website builder, they are able to upload their own media and post any of their articles. They are able to edit their designs anytime or update their websites whenever they want. They can put the things they want on their site with not much hassles.

The KVM Switch

Big and small businesses use computers to help them with processing of their data or automating their work. It’s very useful for all those data and storage needs. But as the business gets bigger and the storage also grows larger, a lot more computers are used and most of the companies also use servers in a network to integrate all of their data and allow the higher personnel to access the data that they need. The processing of data or work done by the company becomes faster. A person would not need to go to another person to follow up or get their documents personally but instead would just need to access the data they saved in the server. What if it becomes a bigger company where different servers and data storage are used for different departments? Several servers can be controlled by one station using a KVM switch. If there are 4 or maybe 8 servers that a person needs to check or maintain, he can just stay at one console which has a keyboard, video monitor and mouse connected to the KVM switch. Each of the servers connected to the switch can be accessed instead of going to each of the servers to access and maintain them. It would save time and effort and if any problem occurs with one of the servers, he would not need to go to the server directly but instead access it from his station. It would be like he is accessing the servers from a network but it is a network not accessible by other computers since it is a direct connection to the servers.