Cleaning Service Company

My friend love these guys. It always seems like the initial appointment goes over the top to encourage you to re-book so my friend was a bit skeptical.  But he did again. And then again. And again. The cleaning service company did a first rate job the first time (and my friend is highly critical having done most of his own cleaning for years) and has continued to do that and more. They are professional, fast, friendly and not obtrusive. Even when my friend and his employees are in the office they get the job done.

cleaning services company

My friend’s office was spotless! Sometimes a splurge is worth it, and this one was. Once they are finished my friend and I didn’t even recognize the workplace. We were so caught up in the mess that we forgot what a very clean workplace felt like. It was such a relief! The fog was lifted, and my friend and his employees are more focused, happy, and go about their jobs like they should be. And me and my friend thinks the organization has been great to work with as well. In my friend’s case the cleaning service company reached out the day after my friend’s first cleaning to see how everything went and was easy to reach with any feedback my friend had.  They also call if your cleaner is late. And if your cleaner by chance is ever out they will call to let you know and give you the option to reschedule or use a backup.

cleaning services company

And the cherry on top for my friend is if you like your first cleaner you are able to get him or her every week after.  So you can actually find one you like. And if you are ever given a backup and like them you can designate a default backup too.

My friend is so happy he switched to them and never looking back.

cleaning services company

XLR Adapters

My personal favorite are the daddario xlr adapters. I use it to connect my guitar to the computer through an interface and I am really pleased with the result. I used to just buy the cheapest all-metal adapters, and the ones I have still work fine, but I thought I’d try out this adapter. I like the more modern look, and I have had good luck with Planet Waves gear in the past.

planet waves

Promise Ring For Her

The people of from where I got the ring are superb. You’ll get the most for your money with courtesy and respect. Everyone that I interacted with was professional. They helped me design a classic yet unique a promise ring for her that is absolutely exquisite. My girlfriend was thrilled beyond my expectations when she saw the ring. It’s not just beautiful but it is also top, top quality, GIA certified diamond with a strong 14k gold band. They have many beautiful rings on display, but I sort of had a specific classic design in mind – they can customize too. So the important thing for me was the rock. I needed a great diamond and they helped me find one with patience and insight.

I didn’t pick the most expensive, but they still agreed that it was the one. When I second-guessed myself and said, “You know, I should just get the most expensive one anyway,” they literally told me, “But why, you like that one.” They could have made few hundred dollars more, but they convinced me to stay with the one I actually liked the most. “Don’t worry, this diamond is stunning.” They also assured me that if my girlfriend didn’t like something about the ring to come back and they would help take care of it. But of course, there were no problems. Hopefully I will go back to them for engagement rings and wedding rings.

promise ring for herpromise ring for herpromise ring for herpromise ring for herpromise ring for her

Acoustic Guitar Stand

What a gem!  If you are looking for a magical experience on par with some of the worlds best then this is your spot.  A selection to die for of high-end gear mixed with some affordable pieces.  A sales staff with a depth-of-knowledge that will knock your socks off, and an experience that will inspire you to buy.  This is where I purchased a new guitar and an acoustic guitar stand

There’s a reason people make the pilgrimage to this store.  If you haven’t wandered any of their outlet, you are missing out.  If you haven’t stopped just to chill out and chat, let alone try an unreal selection of instruments, you are missing out.

The sales staff are accomplished players who know their craft.  I wasn’t even shopping the price range of a Collings I-35 hollow-body but the associate insisted I learn about this masterpiece of design and build quality as to put it on my list of desired guitars.  He plugged me into a Carr Imperial amp, tuned it up, suggested a setting and I proceeded to feel notes bloom from the fretboard that were so rich and beautiful I almost wept.  Do I sound like I’m going overboard?  Yes!  Am I exaggerating?  No!

Acoustic Guitar StandAcoustic Guitar Stand

Ukulele Musician’s Friend

I purchased my ukulele, acoustic guitars and electric guitars from Musician’s Friend and always got a good deal, great advice from them.  My brother was in the market for a guitar.  As a drummer, he does not know anything about guitars.My brother got a ukulele musicians friend to play on stage, and it has served him well.  He went to them again, as they were extremely helpful, and patient.  They didn’t try to sell my brother a $5000.00 Martin.  They told him they needed a nice sounding acoustic guitar to write with, and play on stage.  They pointed my brother a Yamaha, and Breedlove.  I played a few guitars, and kept coming back to the Breedlove.
My brother was (and always has been), very patient while it took forever to make up his mind.  He chosed the Breedlove.  Awesome service, great price, for a piece of equipment he will use for 20 years.  No pressure, no bs, just great advice, and a guitar that is serving him very well!  Another guitarist used it in studio to record some tracks with, as he liked the brightness of it, over his own, for the song.  Always fair, and professional.  Love Musician’s Friend!

Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Cutaway Electric Ukulele


Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro combined with LPC-Live 2 is going to seriously compete with Push at these price points. LPC-Live 2 is essentially a Push emulator for Launchpad. Been using it for a couple of years now, well worth the $22 and honestly has enabled me to hold off on a Push. These new features (RGB, scale display (which LPC-Live 2 already has) are going to really add to the appeal). The Push still has much more functionality, but that is a mighty fine price point. launchpad pro also probably is much easier to transport to & from gigs than the Push is. I am really liking the midi out functionality, but the push is still way more integrated. This is a sweet Launchpad.

Launchpad ProLaunchpad ProLaunchpad Pro



Pocket Trumpet

My experience has been with the “Allora MXPT-5801-BK Black Nickel Series” that I bought from Guitar Center.

Allora MXPT-5801-BK Black Nickel Series Pocket Trumpet Black Nickel

The assembly is very good, and the lacquering is pretty good as well. The valves are smooth enough.

Alignment on the valves is also very good. The included mouthpiece fit the horn and it wasn’t bad.

Mine slots so wide, you can drive a truck through it. Since my Buescher horns are designed that way too, it doesn’t bother me. You might think otherwise.

For a 300 bucks, it’s a very good deal. A friend warned me to not expect a whole lot from low notes since the bell is pretty small. I haven’t messed with it in a while. What I really want to do is try it in my next community band rehearsal.

Roy Campbell uses a pocket trumpet..and I’ve seen pictures of Jeremy Pelt with one. Also Frank London of the Klezmaniacs. Of course, the most famous of all pocket trumpet users was the late great Don Cherry. Pocket trumpets are notoriously hard to play in tune.

pocket trumpet red lacquer


When choosing a bassoon, play several and see which one you prefer. If can have a go at playing a bassoon, play it and compare it to other bassoon models and brands. What suits a bassewbie, might not suit you. It is up to personal choice but there is no point in paying money out for a bassoon which you don’t like if it is cheaper, might as well save up.

I am another Schreiber person. Some Adlers are OK. One day I would like to play a Mossman but the reach is too big.


5 Piece Drum Setup

I am a fan of ddrum and I heard that they sound really good. That’s just what I think. Now here’s what matters. Deal or sound? That’s really important. Try finding drums that have a great deal, but a great sound. I’ll tell you that generally, the lower the price, the lower the quality. But you can get high quality with the ddrum 5 piece drum setup. It’s my number one choice if you are looking for low priced high quality drum setup, because you can change the heads and tune that up and it will sound pretty good for a 100% basswood shells. Very nice hardware as well. Ddrum is a pretty good brand, not my favorite but great value!

ddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kitddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kitddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kit


Ukulele For Beginners

I think the Ukulele is a good choice for a musical beginner. But, you need to realize the instrument’s capabilities to avoid disappointment. Although it is entirely possible to play melodies and classical style music on the Ukulele, those techniques are more advanced. As a beginner, you will be producing harmony chords with your strumming, and you will have to hum or sing any melody you want to go with them. The Uke will teach you basic music theory, chords, rhythms, tempo, etc. How far you go with it is entirely up to you. As far as the choice of ukulele is concerned, there are many happy Lanikai owners that started on that LU21. It should do a beginner nicely until he or she want a nicer one, if that time ever in fact comes. There are lots of info about that Lanikai online.

lanikai ukuleleukadelic ukulele by kala