Hettich Hinges

My friend designed kitchen cabinets for a client. The hinges for the kitchen are concealed hinges. The design is shaker style with flat panel doors inset with frames on cabinet. His client needed a pantry cabinet with shelving mounted onto back of doors. That meant possibly canned goods and heavy stuff. My friend’s concerns are mostly weight. His experience is that those kind of doors tend to sag even if he use multiple hinges. Meaning that periodically, he will have to go back and adjust them up. But using Hettich hinges solved this issue. He never came back to adjust them again. My friend said that so far they are the best, and very good hinges that he used and installed.

hettich hingeshettich pantryhettich pantry


Custom Cut Seats and Cushions

I have used Foam Factory, Inc. to have some existing cushions replaced. They are a real store with a huge selection of fabrics and foams and such. They are also very good with web-based ordering as I ordered mine online.

They always appear to be very busy but their service was great and on time.

For those of you looking to replace chair or bench cushions or just looking to create a new room colour scheme with clever fabrics, Google Foam By Mail and you will find sofa cushion from here. They created some of the most beautiful outdoor cushions for me. And we later ordered a window seat cushion for indoors too. They shipped right here to us! Has anyone else had such a positive experience with them? They are amazing, aren’t they! We’ve needed something like this for a long time here. It’s affordable and high-end!

Seat Cushion

Pool Pumps

It is fun being able to swim anytime you want in your own swimming pool. You can learn how to swim better or just relax in the pool when you want. But of course the pool needs some maintenance. Having filters that would help clean the water and a Pentair pool pump can help keep bacteria and germs that may be present in debris and dirt away from people who will be in the pool. We cannot keep dirt and debris from an exposed pool but with the help of pool pumps, some of the dirt and debris can be taken away from the pool until the time it needs manual cleaning.

Monitor Stands

The new televisions and monitors that are available today are really thin compared to the older bulky televisions. They are thin enough to look like paintings when mounted on the wall. They can save a lot of space when mounted and some are large enough to provide entertainment to a lot of people. The TV can also be put on monitor floor stands so they can easily be moved to another part of the room or to another room if needed. These stands make it easier to place a television in another position or another part of the office for presentations or advertisements.


Some people like putting scented candles in their homes and offices. They like the ambience that is produced when a candle or two is added to a table or to the decor. It can even make a small room in the office smell nice and look better. Some look for certain brands like Diptyque which have elegant lettering and stylish designs perfect for the home or the office. It can somehow make the mood more relaxing when the sweet scent from the candles is in the air.


Decor for Home

Different houses have different styles and some have more decorations than others. People give their own personal touch in their houses which make it look and feel more like a home for themselves. Having their own decors like decorative plaques, doormats and baskets can also give a reflection of their personality. We often would like our home to look a certain way even if it is an apartment or a small house.

Acoustic Sounds

I prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar most of the time. It is perfect for playing love songs and is not as noisy as electric guitars with distortions. Some are quite concerned with quailty acoustics and enjoy the clear and clean sound it produces. It is especially enjoyable listening to someone with a beautiful voice being accompanied by an acoustic guitar singing your favorite love songs. It can help forget about the stress that has been building up and help us unwind.

Slipper Tubs

Slipper tubs seem to be preferred by a lot of people because of the way it slopes on one end making it more comfortable in the lounging position. The classic look appeals to them and helps them relax when they are in it. Some like the modern tubs that may be built-in and can have different designs. Relaxing in a tub after a tiring day can really relieve stress and help in having a more peaceful sleep.

DVD Home Theater System

There are offices that have their own big televisions that are placed in certain areas to advertise about their products or about their company. There are also televisions that provide entertainment to the staff in the pantry or canteen. There are also those who buy home theater system with DVD for their audio visual room or meeting rooms to provide the best sound system and video monitors used for meetings and presentations. Better presentations can be made and the actual sound of the advertisement can be heard. If an advertisement like a commercial is made, the actual setting of a typical home and how they are going to hear the commercial can be heard. The presentation can be adjusted as needed.

Adding a Fireplace

Not all houses and offices have its own fireplace. There also used to be a problem with the space or the place where to position the fireplace. If the residence is in a building, there is no way to add a conventional fireplace. Now there are electric fireplaces that can be installed in almost any type of house or office. The electric fireplace can add warmth to the room and can make the room feel more cozy. It can also help customers relax if it is placed in an office.