Starting A Backyard Nursery

There is a big difference in making a few bucks on a couple hundred plants and making a living. If making a living to you is something like $50,000, then you will have to sell many thousands of quality plants. Can your location support the traffic to sell many thousands of plants? Does your location have the population/market to sell many thousands of plants?

Cost of doing business so low? Nothing is free, if you try to grow enough plants to make a living, you will have to buy tons of potting soil, thousands and thousands of pots, trays to carry thousands of pots, some sort of fertilizer for thousands and thousands of pots, some sort of insect/disease prevention for thousands and thousands of pots, you will have to buy many thousands of quality seeds or plugs and bareroot perennials. You will need many thousands of tags for all the plants. You will need to buy signage and advertising.

And, what most don’t want to face, is that you will need a lot more facilities than just a big backyard. You will need some sort of setup to start thousands of seeds. You will need some sort of setup to display all these thousands of plants. The biggest single expense will be a greenhouse, to compete with any other nursery or big box store in your area you will have to have your plants ready and blooming when the customers are ready to buy, in my friend’s area that is April, May & June. You will not have much ready and blooming by April & May without a heated greenhouse that you will have to buy fuel for all winter.

Having said all that, my friend wouldn’t trade it for the world. He has 4 large greenhouses, two of them heated, a large outdoor growing area set up with a dripper irrigation system and a 600 sq.ft. germination room setup. Is he making a decent living at it, well let’s just say he haven’t quit his night job yet!

Recording Mixer

Pretty much all that I’ve read n the ZED R16 has been positive, including the pre amps and the EQ. I’m looking at getting a desk eventually and this recording mixer is of my main choices. I want a desk that will meet all my recording needs. 16 channels should be enough for me. 

I have a friend who’s had a Zed R16 as the main interface in their studio for a year or so before they closed.  The desk is now in use in another studio – 4 years old and in absolute perfect condition without any maintenance.

The drivers were rock solid with reaper and my friend never experienced a single problem, build quality is outstanding for the price. I’d say the reviews are pretty spot on.

Regarding the sound of the mic pre’s and the headroom, the pre’s are slightly on the warm/thick end of the spectrum, they added a fair bit of weight to everything my friend recorded with them. They aren’t amazing, but you would need to be  spending frankly silly money to get better, and certainly wouldn’t be the weakest link in most studios – in other words, good enough for professional work. The EQ was of a similar standard, certainly good enough for real work and very useful to get the right sound going in. Headroom was also never an issue, either during recording or using the desk to sum a mix.

ZED-R 16

ZED-R 16

Wholesale Hats

If you are looking to buy wholesale hats, you can buy wholesale hats from The prices of the hats will vary with the quantity you want for your wholesale. The hats come in various colors and designs that you can easily choose from. The company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every wholesale hat they sell, to reassure customers that their order will be manufactured to the highest standards.

Chevron Buckle Wholesale Handbag

Black Faux Ostrich Double Cross Wholesale Satchel

Tooled Skull Wholesale Handbag

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee MugsLooking for a new way get the word out about your business? The custom coffee mug provides an excellent way to advertise your company. Unlike other promotional items such as pencils or letter openers, the custom coffee mug provides ample space for branding. You can fit your personalized logo along with information on your service around the custom coffee mug and still have room to spare.

The Price is Right

Most people don’t realize it, but custom coffee mugs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, a basic custom coffee mug made of ceramic will cost well under a dollar. That’s not bad for consistent advertising.

There is a range of prices to choose from depending on the style and quality of the custom coffee mug you choose. Whether you spend a few dollars apiece on quality travel mugs or stick the more affordable mugs, there is an option that fits into just about every advertising budget.

Lots of Variety

With so many styles and colors to choose from, the custom coffee mug offers you a wealth of possibilities. From the basic ceramic mug to a glass or even stainless steal mug, you will find the ideal solution for your business needs. Do you want light weight coffee mugs to bring to a seminar or meeting or do you want heavy, quality, stainless steal mugs to give to your best clients?


Pandora Beads

Sparkly, good-looking and fashionable. There are much labor involved in producing Pandora beads. Many people love to ask the question how do you put beads on a pandora charms leather bracelet. Just make sure that you are buying real pandora charms beads. If cost is an issue, buy discontinued beads. This will save you a ton of money and allow you to put them on your leather bracelet. As well, if you are having problems with your bracelet bring it back to the jeweler and get it repaired. You will find that putting beads on a real Pandora leather bracelet is a piece of cake! Pandora bracelets are perfectly made for for Pandora beads.

pandora braceletpandora bracelet

pandora bracelet


Foam By Mail

I use foam by mail. It is the exact same stuff you get from auralex, but a heck of a lot cheaper. They have a great selection of sound insulation and many colors to choose from. The foam is very resistant to fire as well. Auralex’s prices are just too much money. Or at least compared to the quality you get from foam by mail, and cheaper too.  I bought the $300.00 dollar Aurelex stuff and as cool as it looked, it did not cover much at all. Figured I would go broke if I kept buying this stuff. Someone suggested the foam by mail. I went online and bought 200 sq. feet of the stuff.


Envelope Printing Service Vs Printer

Find a service you trust and use it.  The reason of a former pre-press technician is that maintaining knowledge of that expertise and getting the equipment a person would want to use is far more expensive than making prints at a service. It is true that each individual print costs more, but we cannot negate the cost of the printer and our time and maintenance. Instead of working on more images, we are caught at the printer running through sheets, calibrating and testing, when a service will do this all for us. The cost of the printer is one most people leave out of their calculations.

The envelope printing service you use should have leading edge technologies. Machines costing $10,000 to $100,000 are not those you will buy for your home or even for your business unless your volume is very high. The $100,000 printer will do things that your $1000 home printer is incapable of. Using a service We do not have to maintain various paper stocks, and always have flexibility in my options for output. If I am in a business where I rent by the sq. ft., I don’t need to relegate a portion of that to my printer stock and supplies. I also do not have to maintain cropping equipment, and expensive printer calibration devices.

Depending on what you do the home printing option may be viable. But for me I stick with the service and end up printing what I need for decidedly less…The best of both worlds.

Laptop Computer Carts For Students

Depending on the age of your students, make sure your laptop computer carts will be kid friendly.  All wheels should sit on the floor so there is no rocking-type motion.

The cart will be easier to maneuver if there are only 4 wheels.  If the cart will house 25 computers, make sure all of it’s space is utilized for them.

(Carts could be supplied to house 40 computers but be set up for your 25 and the left over room is wasted.)  I would also recommend the slots in the cart be wide enough for one laptop with arm space for when a reach into the back of the cart is necessary.  One last thing, if you should get a mobile lab, you need training on “having” the laptops in your room, which would be a short training, and “using” the laptops with your students, which require more extensive training. Neglecting this last part can almost guarantee that your investment will be a waste.

Powerpoint Presentation Design

I have had an odd fascination with PPT since the late 90s and have gotten way too nerdy about all of it’s capabilities. I did get a good chuckle with the blue/yellow reference and have had moments where I got excited picking the “design template” and fun color schemes.

That said, less is more. For a job talk, I think a simple white background is most appropropriate, simply because it’s easy to read. That said, i think a well selected color contrast is appropriate for Titles/Headers or to highlight important concepts. Google images is also a great source to find the right photo to show instead of tell something. Bullet points also are more easily digested than full sentences. Again, choose appropriate colors for graphs and make sure the legend is clear, etc.

Simple animations (entrance, appear; exit, disappear) are good to set pace… but avoid the “jazzy” transitions such as blinds horizontal/vertical, wipe left/up/down, etc.

Be sure to do a practice in a well-lit room to make sure your color choice is readable. I’ve seen some PPTs that were well designed, in theory, but in practice, the colors were not readable in a fully-lit room (yellow is always difficult to read). If you do not have time to practice, you can have a Powerpoint Presentation Design from They are a premier PowerPoint presentation design firm since 2002.

Also use a large enough font (24 pt seems good).

Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are widely used in packaging machinery for mounting machine components. Usually they are used for parts that require frequent removal for cleaning or changeover.

They come in a variety of formats and sizes. Frequently they are manually toggled but pneumatically and hydraulically actuated clamps are available as well. Some configurations are double acting, toggling in either the extended or retracted position.

Generally, the toggle clamp should never be the primary means of holding a part in position. Use some locating pins with corresponding mating pins. The part mates with the pins that prevent it from moving side to side. The toggle clamp provides a vertical force to prevent the part from lifting off the pins.