Envelope Printing Service Vs Printer

Find a service you trust and use it.  The reason of a former pre-press technician is that maintaining knowledge of that expertise and getting the equipment a person would want to use is far more expensive than making prints at a service. It is true that each individual print costs more, but we cannot negate the cost of the printer and our time and maintenance. Instead of working on more images, we are caught at the printer running through sheets, calibrating and testing, when a service will do this all for us. The cost of the printer is one most people leave out of their calculations.

The envelope printing service you use should have leading edge technologies. Machines costing $10,000 to $100,000 are not those you will buy for your home or even for your business unless your volume is very high. The $100,000 printer will do things that your $1000 home printer is incapable of. Using a service We do not have to maintain various paper stocks, and always have flexibility in my options for output. If I am in a business where I rent by the sq. ft., I don’t need to relegate a portion of that to my printer stock and supplies. I also do not have to maintain cropping equipment, and expensive printer calibration devices.

Depending on what you do the home printing option may be viable. But for me I stick with the service and end up printing what I need for decidedly less…The best of both worlds.

Laptop Computer Carts For Students

Depending on the age of your students, make sure your laptop computer carts will be kid friendly.  All wheels should sit on the floor so there is no rocking-type motion.

The cart will be easier to maneuver if there are only 4 wheels.  If the cart will house 25 computers, make sure all of it’s space is utilized for them.

(Carts could be supplied to house 40 computers but be set up for your 25 and the left over room is wasted.)  I would also recommend the slots in the cart be wide enough for one laptop with arm space for when a reach into the back of the cart is necessary.  One last thing, if you should get a mobile lab, you need training on “having” the laptops in your room, which would be a short training, and “using” the laptops with your students, which require more extensive training. Neglecting this last part can almost guarantee that your investment will be a waste.

POS Equipment

Having a retail outlet or a store can involve a lot of work. There are inventories to be monitored and replenished aside from the actual selling of the products and issuing of receipts. When the task becomes a little difficult because of the number of items being sold and the number of people that can be present at one time, there are POS systems that can help with the processing. The systems will have its own barcode scanners, monitors, keyboards, printers and software that will automate the whole process plus update the inventory.

Plastic Bags

New products are usually protected by plastic covers. The whole lot may be covered during shipment or the product itself is covered by a plastic bag when the box is opened. The cover protects the product from dirt, dust or water. Different manufacturing industries use polyethylene bags to cover things from small parts to big furniture. Even food like fruit and candy can be put in a plastic bag to keep it fresh and clean. It makes us feel assured that the product has been protected from dust and water during its shipment from the factory.

Boxed Supplies

Going through supplies and stacking up inventories can be a lot of work. Cutters are needed in order to easily open boxes and sealed plastics to get the supplies needed or to check the needed things inside a box. Sometimes, things have to be done fast and things can end up with a cut here and there. To keep people a bit safe from cuts, special cutters are used. A box cutter with a guide can keep the blade away from the fingers and also easily cut the top of a box. Safety knives and retractable knives can be used instead of regular knives that can cause an accidental cut if just left lying around. Work can be done faster and with more efficiency.

Office Maintenance

Aside from running a business with people and products, there is also the matter of keeping and maintaining the office in good condition. The office should always be safe and well maintained. Most of the time, we see the people who do the housekeeping in the office. They do their best to keep the office clean and of course report some of the things that need replacing or repairing. From time to time, we also see the maintenance people doing some repairs in the toilet, lights or the air conditioner. The office is usually busy and a problem with the lights or outlets will hamper some of the projects that are done by some of the affected people. As much as possible, problems in the office should be done as soon as possible. There should always be some supplies ready for replacing some of the usual things that may be needed. Just like there are cleaning supplies and cleaning tools in stock, there should also be some electrical supplies and electrical tools available. If there are simple things like lights door locks malfunctioning, a quick call to the maintenance people with replacements in hand and whatever needs repairing would be done in no time at all.

The KVM Switch

Big and small businesses use computers to help them with processing of their data or automating their work. It’s very useful for all those data and storage needs. But as the business gets bigger and the storage also grows larger, a lot more computers are used and most of the companies also use servers in a network to integrate all of their data and allow the higher personnel to access the data that they need. The processing of data or work done by the company becomes faster. A person would not need to go to another person to follow up or get their documents personally but instead would just need to access the data they saved in the server. What if it becomes a bigger company where different servers and data storage are used for different departments? Several servers can be controlled by one station using a KVM switch. If there are 4 or maybe 8 servers that a person needs to check or maintain, he can just stay at one console which has a keyboard, video monitor and mouse connected to the KVM switch. Each of the servers connected to the switch can be accessed instead of going to each of the servers to access and maintain them. It would save time and effort and if any problem occurs with one of the servers, he would not need to go to the server directly but instead access it from his station. It would be like he is accessing the servers from a network but it is a network not accessible by other computers since it is a direct connection to the servers.

Strategic Business Solutions


Keeping your business/company in good footing can be tricky and confusing particularly in the beginning when you are scrambling to set up a management information system. To increase profitability, enhance productivity and security, you will need an effective management system like the siebel crm.

In most cases, the system is automated and developed into a software for easier access and faster production. It helps the company monitor resources and analyze its current strengths and weaknesses. The system helps improve on the work flow and increase the return on investment.  A strategic business consulting as well helps the company and its employees on their workload and makes the job easier and faster to do. A business intelligence platform like the oracle BI will allow you to share scarce resources among several users and standardize your office operations. With better results and better system, the better your business operates.

Project Management: Demystified

matt_S_boothAn effective management information system is necessary to help you and your company make better business decisions. Managing your business or company can be very rewarding in many ways, but it can also be tricky and confusing particularly in the beginning when you are scrambling to set up a management information system. To increase profitability, enhance productivity and security, you will need workstations, networking gadgets, and a reliable provider of managed IP communications services. You would need a reliable tool to help you delve into the nitty-gritty of setting up a project management program.

Your employees will do their daily job on workstations either through desktop PCs or the pricier laptops. Your workstations will be hooked up to a multi-purpose server. Like a highly efficient employee, the multi-purpose server will juggle several tasks like sharing folders, files, and printers. Your management information system will not be complete without connecting the workstationsand the server through a network. This will allow you to share scrace resources among several users and standardize your office operations. The use of portfolio management is also essential to help you incerase productivity and better management resources. This collaborative business software allows you to select, staff and manage projects across teams, departments and divisions to help you progress against key business priorities.

If your company or organization requires a sigificant project-based work and reporting requirements, then you need a reliable PPM to help streamline your project management process through the help of an acknowledged leader in on-demand project portfolio management. And even if you are working from home, like many employees and entrepreneurs who have a home office, you can also save on time and expenses, among other things, because of the new technology that allows people to work wherever they are without breaking stride or disrupting their schedules. With the right tools, technology can ensure the excellent performance and sustainability of your business/company.