Cleaning Service Company

My friend love these guys. It always seems like the initial appointment goes over the top to encourage you to re-book so my friend was a bit skeptical.  But he did again. And then again. And again. The cleaning service company did a first rate job the first time (and my friend is highly critical having done most of his own cleaning for years) and has continued to do that and more. They are professional, fast, friendly and not obtrusive. Even when my friend and his employees are in the office they get the job done.

cleaning services company

My friend’s office was spotless! Sometimes a splurge is worth it, and this one was. Once they are finished my friend and I didn’t even recognize the workplace. We were so caught up in the mess that we forgot what a very clean workplace felt like. It was such a relief! The fog was lifted, and my friend and his employees are more focused, happy, and go about their jobs like they should be. And me and my friend thinks the organization has been great to work with as well. In my friend’s case the cleaning service company reached out the day after my friend’s first cleaning to see how everything went and was easy to reach with any feedback my friend had.  They also call if your cleaner is late. And if your cleaner by chance is ever out they will call to let you know and give you the option to reschedule or use a backup.

cleaning services company

And the cherry on top for my friend is if you like your first cleaner you are able to get him or her every week after.  So you can actually find one you like. And if you are ever given a backup and like them you can designate a default backup too.

My friend is so happy he switched to them and never looking back.

cleaning services company

Custom Cut Seats and Cushions

I have used Foam Factory, Inc. to have some existing cushions replaced. They are a real store with a huge selection of fabrics and foams and such. They are also very good with web-based ordering as I ordered mine online.

They always appear to be very busy but their service was great and on time.

For those of you looking to replace chair or bench cushions or just looking to create a new room colour scheme with clever fabrics, Google Foam By Mail and you will find sofa cushion from here. They created some of the most beautiful outdoor cushions for me. And we later ordered a window seat cushion for indoors too. They shipped right here to us! Has anyone else had such a positive experience with them? They are amazing, aren’t they! We’ve needed something like this for a long time here. It’s affordable and high-end!

Seat Cushion

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee MugsLooking for a new way get the word out about your business? The custom coffee mug provides an excellent way to advertise your company. Unlike other promotional items such as pencils or letter openers, the custom coffee mug provides ample space for branding. You can fit your personalized logo along with information on your service around the custom coffee mug and still have room to spare.

The Price is Right

Most people don’t realize it, but custom coffee mugs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, a basic custom coffee mug made of ceramic will cost well under a dollar. That’s not bad for consistent advertising.

There is a range of prices to choose from depending on the style and quality of the custom coffee mug you choose. Whether you spend a few dollars apiece on quality travel mugs or stick the more affordable mugs, there is an option that fits into just about every advertising budget.

Lots of Variety

With so many styles and colors to choose from, the custom coffee mug offers you a wealth of possibilities. From the basic ceramic mug to a glass or even stainless steal mug, you will find the ideal solution for your business needs. Do you want light weight coffee mugs to bring to a seminar or meeting or do you want heavy, quality, stainless steal mugs to give to your best clients?


Powerpoint Presentation Design

I have had an odd fascination with PPT since the late 90s and have gotten way too nerdy about all of it’s capabilities. I did get a good chuckle with the blue/yellow reference and have had moments where I got excited picking the “design template” and fun color schemes.

That said, less is more. For a job talk, I think a simple white background is most appropropriate, simply because it’s easy to read. That said, i think a well selected color contrast is appropriate for Titles/Headers or to highlight important concepts. Google images is also a great source to find the right photo to show instead of tell something. Bullet points also are more easily digested than full sentences. Again, choose appropriate colors for graphs and make sure the legend is clear, etc.

Simple animations (entrance, appear; exit, disappear) are good to set pace… but avoid the “jazzy” transitions such as blinds horizontal/vertical, wipe left/up/down, etc.

Be sure to do a practice in a well-lit room to make sure your color choice is readable. I’ve seen some PPTs that were well designed, in theory, but in practice, the colors were not readable in a fully-lit room (yellow is always difficult to read). If you do not have time to practice, you can have a Powerpoint Presentation Design from They are a premier PowerPoint presentation design firm since 2002.

Also use a large enough font (24 pt seems good).

Smart Software Security

The internet can be a big market where people can find different products to buy. Big and small companies can also sell their products through the internet with the use of websites. The problem is that there are a lot of viruses and malware that can also be found in the internet. Big companies have a lot of security and antivirus software protecting their system. Smaller companies and home users also have antivirus and security software but on a smaller scale. For those looking for smart security, there is the ESET Smart Security from This may be the layered security software that you need for your small business or home computer to keep it protected and up and running.

Monitor Stands

The new televisions and monitors that are available today are really thin compared to the older bulky televisions. They are thin enough to look like paintings when mounted on the wall. They can save a lot of space when mounted and some are large enough to provide entertainment to a lot of people. The TV can also be put on monitor floor stands so they can easily be moved to another part of the room or to another room if needed. These stands make it easier to place a television in another position or another part of the office for presentations or advertisements.

Choking Poster

There are some emergencies that need first aid or immediate help. We may not be able to say when it’s going to happen but it would be better to be prepared when it does happen. Not everyone knows how to do CPR but it could really save someone’s life when needed. In order to get more people to know about these procedures, there are companies that have the CPR and Choking Poster. Putting these posters where it can easily be seen can give lots of people information on techniques that can be used during emergencies and save someone’s life.

Decor for Home

Different houses have different styles and some have more decorations than others. People give their own personal touch in their houses which make it look and feel more like a home for themselves. Having their own decors like decorative plaques, doormats and baskets can also give a reflection of their personality. We often would like our home to look a certain way even if it is an apartment or a small house.

Acoustic Sounds

I prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar most of the time. It is perfect for playing love songs and is not as noisy as electric guitars with distortions. Some are quite concerned with quailty acoustics and enjoy the clear and clean sound it produces. It is especially enjoyable listening to someone with a beautiful voice being accompanied by an acoustic guitar singing your favorite love songs. It can help forget about the stress that has been building up and help us unwind.

Adding a Fireplace

Not all houses and offices have its own fireplace. There also used to be a problem with the space or the place where to position the fireplace. If the residence is in a building, there is no way to add a conventional fireplace. Now there are electric fireplaces that can be installed in almost any type of house or office. The electric fireplace can add warmth to the room and can make the room feel more cozy. It can also help customers relax if it is placed in an office.