When a company who offers products and services becomes well-known, there will be a lot of consumers that would like to ask about what they offer and how they are used. There may come a time that a lot of people will be calling the company with a lot of questions. At this time, there will be a need to dedicate someone to answer the questions and possible problems that a customer may face when using the products and other offers. The usual questions may just be about the products you offer and some other details about it. It may also be comparisons on the products especially if there are offers that are similar or products that look the same but have different characteristics. There are companies that turn to call center outsourcing in order to help the company answer the questions of a lot of consumers. These people would be representing the company and of course would have to have knowledge of the products and services it offers. Having someone available for contact to consumers would help in promoting the company. It makes the consumer feel that the company is always there even after the product or service has been acquired.