Powerpoint Presentation Design

I have had an odd fascination with PPT since the late 90s and have gotten way too nerdy about all of it’s capabilities. I did get a good chuckle with the blue/yellow reference and have had moments where I got excited picking the “design template” and fun color schemes.

That said, less is more. For a job talk, I think a simple white background is most appropropriate, simply because it’s easy to read. That said, i think a well selected color contrast is appropriate for Titles/Headers or to highlight important concepts. Google images is also a great source to find the right photo to show instead of tell something. Bullet points also are more easily digested than full sentences. Again, choose appropriate colors for graphs and make sure the legend is clear, etc.

Simple animations (entrance, appear; exit, disappear) are good to set pace… but avoid the “jazzy” transitions such as blinds horizontal/vertical, wipe left/up/down, etc.

Be sure to do a practice in a well-lit room to make sure your color choice is readable. I’ve seen some PPTs that were well designed, in theory, but in practice, the colors were not readable in a fully-lit room (yellow is always difficult to read). If you do not have time to practice, you can have a Powerpoint Presentation Design from eslide.com. They are a premier PowerPoint presentation design firm since 2002.

Also use a large enough font (24 pt seems good).