Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are widely used in packaging machinery for mounting machine components. Usually they are used for parts that require frequent removal for cleaning or changeover.

They come in a variety of formats and sizes. Frequently they are manually toggled but pneumatically and hydraulically actuated clamps are available as well. Some configurations are double acting, toggling in either the extended or retracted position.

Generally, the toggle clamp should never be the primary means of holding a part in position. Use some locating pins with corresponding mating pins. The part mates with the pins that prevent it from moving side to side. The toggle clamp provides a vertical force to prevent the part from lifting off the pins.

Model Cars

Different people have different hobbies. Some like coin collecting, beading or collecting toys. Some like collecting model cars and start with building them or getting model kits and even do the finishing touches with Testors paint. The finished product would be a smaller version of the vehicle complete with finishing paint that it almost looks like the real thing. It’s quite awesome when you look at the shelves of different finished vehicles that a hobbyist has. A lot of people also start this hobby when they see the finished products of a friend or colleague.

Boxed Supplies

Going through supplies and stacking up inventories can be a lot of work. Cutters are needed in order to easily open boxes and sealed plastics to get the supplies needed or to check the needed things inside a box. Sometimes, things have to be done fast and things can end up with a cut here and there. To keep people a bit safe from cuts, special cutters are used. A box cutter with a guide can keep the blade away from the fingers and also easily cut the top of a box. Safety knives and retractable knives can be used instead of regular knives that can cause an accidental cut if just left lying around. Work can be done faster and with more efficiency.