The KVM Switch

Big and small businesses use computers to help them with processing of their data or automating their work. It’s very useful for all those data and storage needs. But as the business gets bigger and the storage also grows larger, a lot more computers are used and most of the companies also use servers in a network to integrate all of their data and allow the higher personnel to access the data that they need. The processing of data or work done by the company becomes faster. A person would not need to go to another person to follow up or get their documents personally but instead would just need to access the data they saved in the server. What if it becomes a bigger company where different servers and data storage are used for different departments? Several servers can be controlled by one station using a KVM switch. If there are 4 or maybe 8 servers that a person needs to check or maintain, he can just stay at one console which has a keyboard, video monitor and mouse connected to the KVM switch. Each of the servers connected to the switch can be accessed instead of going to each of the servers to access and maintain them. It would save time and effort and if any problem occurs with one of the servers, he would not need to go to the server directly but instead access it from his station. It would be like he is accessing the servers from a network but it is a network not accessible by other computers since it is a direct connection to the servers.


When it gets too busy in the office, we often do more than one thing at once. Sometimes, editing of reports on a computer with a lot of windows open just to verify some of the data on another report becomes tiresome but still manageable. What more is when someone calls and you think that it is important that you still have to take it even though you’re already busy typing. Good thing there are headsets available that you won’t need to keep the receiver of a phone stuck between your ear and your shoulder. It’s also quite convenient if you need to get out of the office while talking to someone. You still have your hands free to carry some of the reports that you need to bring. You can also keep talking normally even when you are entering your car. A better headset to use is the Bluetooth headset. There is no wire that goes from the headset to the phone that you accidentally hit with your folder or with your pen. You would be able to move more freely without paying attention to a wire on your body. You can also switch to an audio device and listen to your music if you don’t want to be disturbed at the end of the day or after work.


Information is important in a business that is why communication between colleagues is also important. Every office has its own way of communication. It may start from the higher officers and then each of the higher ups will relay the information to their subordinates. But there are other types of businesses that require their people to be out of the office and into the shops, groceries or outlets. In these cases, they give information usually through cell phones. These phones are somehow part of our daily lives. They keep us in touch with our colleagues, friends and family. If something urgent needs your attention, they are able to reach you even if you are not at home or at the office. For not so urgent information, there is e-mail or voice mail that can also be accessed through your phone. A lot of things have been added to the phone that makes it more like a palmtop that is always with you. There are even some phones that can open documents for you and even edit them when needed. It makes it easier for you to take your business with you.

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