HID Xenon Headlights

HID Xenon HeadlightsXenon lighting was, hands down, the best modification I ever made to my car. I changed from a reflector style housing to a projector. Some of the kits are really cheap and are more trouble than they’re worth. The difference between the xenon xtralights hid in my car and the non xenon lights in my wife’s vehicle is significant. They seem to work really well in the snow also, meaning that you do not get that effect where high beams are worse than low beams when they reflect off of the snow if that makes any sense. They are also great on flat roads.

I am really glad that I made this modification to my car. The factory hid lighting puts out about 4300k which is a white light, on the replacements I got 8000k and puts out a bluish color which is completely awesome.

HID Xenon Headlights



Vehicle Tracking System

It’s normal for parents to worry about their children when they go out travelling or on road trips. Though we trust them, we can’t help but worry when they are not able to call us to tell us what has happened to their trip. There may also be times when they call us because they have car trouble somewhere like a flat tire or is lost and having a hard time getting on the right track. Having a vehicle tracking system is a big help on getting the location of our vehicle. Getting the exact location of where the kids are can help us tell them what to do or how to get somewhere easier. We also have less to worry about because we know that they are where they should be going.

Model Cars

Different people have different hobbies. Some like coin collecting, beading or collecting toys. Some like collecting model cars and start with building them or getting model kits and even do the finishing touches with Testors paint. The finished product would be a smaller version of the vehicle complete with finishing paint that it almost looks like the real thing. It’s quite awesome when you look at the shelves of different finished vehicles that a hobbyist has. A lot of people also start this hobby when they see the finished products of a friend or colleague.