Now, more than ever, everyone is in dire need of a positive credit rating. No one can afford to splurge too much and risk having 50 points slashed off their credit score board. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a credit card, especially if you’re still young. Invest in credit cards that will help increase your credit status. Many people are raving about credit cards for bad credit nowadays since they really help your credit score. But just that one card will not help you along the way to financial security. Choose any credit card like something that’s endorsed as a O Apr credit card.

One thought on “Finances not okay? These credit cards will help!

  1. Luminita

    All I can say is stay as far away from credit cards if poislbse. They are nothing but trouble later down the line and you never know what will happen in the future these days so I think its only worth getting credit if you can pay it off right away just to build up more credit in case you need it for an emergency,but otherwise I would steer clear, especially from American Express, they are ruthless if you ever owe them money. It’s better to just put money in a bank account and keep track of it and use a debit card for purchases when poislbse. But for someone with fair credit history, I would say just get a Visa that fits you. They are all basically the same but a few minor differences depending on what you want.

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